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About us

Founded in 2017, South Hill Corporation specializes in the agricultural engineering industry, providing tailored machinery and equipment solutions and consulting services. At South Hill, we have gathered a team of highly experienced professionals with years of expertise in the industry, including agricultural machinery engineers, agronomic engineers, soil scientists, agricultural consultants and more. Throughout the last few years, South Hill has created numerous international short and long term contracts for agricultural and mechanical engineering projects, with a focus on mechanical equipment for various markets, mainly in Asia and the Far East.

Tailored consulting and solutions

Selecting and working with engineering equipment in the agriculture industry can be a complicated and potentially expensive matter, which may have a significant effect on a business and its profits. Some of the challenges for businesses in the industry may include power supply issues, efficiency of machinery, correct use of structures and facilities, pollution, environmental considerations, storage of machinery and produce, processing of agricultural products and more. At South Hill we understand the challenges, trends and developments in the industry. Thanks to our deep knowledge and combined experience, we offer tailored solutions and consulting services in the fields of agriculture and agricultural engineering machinery and equipment.


South Hill provides consultancy and customized engineering equipment solutions for a broad range of clients in the agriculture industry, such as farmers, land owners, agricultural companies, and other businesses in the field.




South Hill provides professional consultancy and customized solutions, from the early planning stages, through providing assistance in writing a business plan and to the implementation of large scale projects to agricultural business owners. We offer dependable advice in order to help our clients introduce substantial improvements to their business based on advanced technology, and other solutions based on engineering equipment and machinery.


Agriculture engineering
equipment and machinery

  • Equipment assessment
  • Equipment customization
  • Engineering equipment and machinery consulting
  • Advanced system integration consulting

Resource management
and control

  • Waste management consulting
  • Water control consulting
  • Erosion control consulting
  • Irrigation management consulting

Production facility design

  • Production and research facilities planning consulting
  • On-site supervision and quality control

Rural development

  • Geotechnical assessment
  • Environmental assessment
  • Resources development consulting
  • Irrigation systems customization and consulting
  • Equipment customization and consulting
  • On-site supervision and quality control
  • On-site supervision and quality control



Tailored consulting and solutions

South Hill helps farmers, land owners and agricultural companies to significantly improve their businesses, their efficiency and their capabilities; we achieve this by providing consultancy and tailored solutions which can include the planning, customization and integration of advanced engineering equipment and machinery, and by providing customized solutions, taking into consideration the nature of the agricultural business, their requirements and their current challenges.

Featured projects

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